2015 is projected to be the Year of Innovation, according to Businessweek. This means companies and professionals will be incorporating new ideas, technologies and practices into their daily work routines. This includes new inventive ways to discover new business opportunities and grow revenue streams.

As we kick off the ?Year of Innovation,? we would like to continue sharing our tips from business experts nationwide, and outline how Connequity uses intelligent matching technology to expand business networks across the country.

Networking Tip #4

Networking is intimidating, especially when you first get started. What you have to remember is that everyone is in the same exact situation, and everyone feels a little intimidated. The best way to go out there is to get personal right off the bat. People want to be your friend before they hand over business to you. They have to trust you and if you get personal right away, you are building a sense of trust.

– Lina, Fetch Public Relations

At Connequity, we understand the challenges of business networking ? it?s what inspired us to launch Connequity.com.

We are motivated to help professionals, like Lina, find new business opportunities easily and conveniently so they can spend less time at networking events, and more time on growing their business with qualified matches on Connequity. We understand that part of business networking is ?getting personal,? which is why Connequity uses a detailed profile system to connect professionals with relevant business leads.

  • Connequity members are matched daily to ideal clients to create active business ecosystems
  • Detailed synergy reports that provide intelligence about why users have been matched across several criteria for simple intuitive decision making to accept a referral and take action
  • Interactive intelligent matching technology that continuously learns from each member’s use of the platform to serve up? stronger matches and more actionable leads over time


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