How It Works

The Connequity Difference

Using a proprietary matching algorithm that mimics offline networking strategies, Connequity delivers relevant business referrals that match your criteria for ideal clients.

This saves busy professionals the time, resources and frustration of using offline networking method to?find referral?partners. Connequity is faster easier, and more targeted than searching LinkedIn.

Step 1

What Are You Looking For?


Connequity makes this process fast by loading your existing profile from LinkedIn! Tell us your profession, the services you provide, and where you conduct business.


Tell us what industries and specific titles are the best sources of business for you. Connequity then delivers the targeted connections you?re looking for.

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Step 2

Rate Your Most Valuable?Contacts

Identify Business Sources

For your most valuable contacts (whether customers or referral sources), Connequity will search for more individuals like them ? and send you those names automatically. This ability to ?mine the equity? in your existing contacts is a Connequity exclusive!

Smart Connections Finder?

Our matching engine sifts through thousands of candidates to identify highly relevant names that match the criteria you?ve specified. (And new names are being added daily to Connequity.)

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Step 3

Refine. Invite. Refer. Repeat & Earn Bonuses

Referral Sources

Refine Your Targets

You can modify and re-prioritize the types of targeted connections you want to receive. For each action you take ? to define your target client profiles, rate your current contacts, and in general, give Connequity feedback and more data to work with.

Invite Your Contacts to Join

You?ll want to tell others about how Connequity makes targeted networking fast and easy. Any contacts that you refer?who sign up for a paid account earn you free months of premium monthly access.

Referral Sources

Take Action on Each Match

The potential new connections you receive will become more targeted with each action you take. Your feedback will improve the ability of our learning engine to customize matches specifically for you.

Send and Recieve Referrals

As you build new connections, you may choose to refer your contact to other members that you believe would be relevant to them. In turn, your connections may send you referrals. We believe?in this type of reciprocity.?

Active Membership Pays!

Connequity is strengthened by reciprocity. The platform relies on your activity to increase match relevancy and rewards you with highly pertinent matches.When you refer other to Connequity, you will earn free months of our premium service giving?you access to even more connections.?

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