Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help! Below are the most frequently asked questions about Connequity. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, simply get in touch with us and let us know how we can guide you through the process.?

What makes you different from LinkedIn??

LinkedIn??is a great tool to post a profile and possibly identify people in your profession or town, but LinkedIn does not identify who will be an excellent match to drive business. Unlike LinkedIn?, Connequity has a propriety learning engine that matches you to qualified referrals who have the potential to grow your business.

What do you do with my contacts?
We determine the most relevant referral matches for you based on your profile and needs for business leads. As a Connequity member, you import, rate and qualify your contacts, as other Connequity members do. We then serve up the highest quality matches amongst Connequity members. It?s up to your contact to decide if they want to join Connequity for free and accept matches. Connequity is an opt-in community ? we never spam or publish your LinkedIn??profile or contacts profiles.
How much of my profile is public or shown to other Connequity members?
Your professional profile is available only when a match is served to another. Your profile is not visible to non-members or searchable on public search engines.
How does Connequity protect me from being contacted by job seekers or service providers I don?t need?

You choose who you want to meet. Connequity won?t match you with someone out of your region or to someone who does not match your referral source criteria. Remember, we only match your needs to others that have what you need. You also control what matches you accept and defer.

What is the cost to join Connequity and get matches?

Connequity offers a free trial where you get up to 5 matches per week. From there you can opt for a premium membership that offers more matches.

The premium pricing plans range from $69.95 to $99.95 per month tailored to best meet your needs.

How Does the Referral Program work to reduce my monthly costs?

Connequity rewards participation and if you stay active it can remain free to use. Building Connequity for others builds yours, too!

As a Connequity member, you earn free months of premium service by inviting contacts that successfully register for a paid account. Referral bonuses accumulate like ?equity? and can be used to pay your premium monthly subscription costs. The more you reciprocate within Connequity, the more free months you earn, and bonuses are?unlimited!?

How will I receive matches and how often?

Connequity uses a proprietary matching algorithm that focuses on quality, not quantity. During your free trial, you will receive up to 5 matches per week. You can choose to accept or defer any match with the guidance of a Synergy Report, an intuitive scoreboard of how well a match meets your needs.

If a match you accept is not a Connequity member, they will be invited by us to join Connequity for free with a request to be matched to you.

What is considered a successful match or referral on Connequity?

When Connequity finds someone that meets your referral needs, we serve them to you as a Match. You spend Match Points to accept a match.

When a Connequity member wants to introduce one of their contacts to another Connequity member, that?s a referral. Every participant in an introduction has the right to accept or defer a referral. You are awarded Match Points for giving referrals.

How does Connequity match me with business referrals?

The Intelligent Lead Generator? uses propriety algorithms to serve you desirable matches. Connequity?s learning system uses your profile, referral source preferences, your actions within Connequity, and membership feedback to automatically refine itself to serve higher relevant matches over time.

What is an ecosystem within Connequity?

An ecosystem within Connequity is a regional area of business professionals across industries that depend upon each other to generate warm leads to drive new business. You choose which regional ecosystem to participate in that best meets your needs.

A healthy ecosystem within Connequity is dependent on each member importing their trusted contacts that could be qualified referrals for others. We?ve designed the ecosystems to be balanced between needs and wants ? resulting in the highly symbiotic business matches.

What does reciprocity mean within Connequity?

Help us help you while helping others within Connequity. It?s a balance of give and take. We reward givers with more points to use for matches!

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