It?s not too late to kick-start your business development goals for 2015. To help you and your company embrace the ?Year of Innovation,? we?re continuing our series of business development tips from business experts nationwide.

Networking Tip #5

All networking is business development, but not all business development includes networking. In fact, networking ? especially via social media – can prove a distraction to business development for this reason: networking focuses on producing warm leads, but business development isn?t about how many leads you have; rather, it is about how much business you can close, and closing requires that you understand the factors that lead to winning.

If 1000 people ?like? you but never buy from you, those likes are worthless to your business development efforts, even while those same likes may improve public perception of your brand. Business development strategies must go at the opportunity from the customer?s perspective.

The customer doesn?t care at this stage about your company?s legendary history, or beautifully designed website. The customer wants only to know two things: ?What qualifies you to earn my business?? And ?What is your approach to solving my problem?? Fail to understand and articulate what matters most to your customer, and the opportunity is lost.

– Victoria Ipri, CEO of Ipri International

Victoria is right ? it?s important to identify a prospect?s challenges and then describe how you will help them overcome those challenges. Connequity matches professionals who can solve each other?s business dilemmas. Using a proprietary intelligent matching algorithm called The Intelligent Lead Generator?, Connequity sifts through its member profiles and network data to find relevant business referrals, and sends them directly to members via email. No more distractions, no more networking events – just productive new business development that leads to client wins.

Happy connecting!

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