Connequity?s goal is to find warm new business leads for professionals and send opportunities straight to their email inboxes. However, once that first introduction is made, it?s up to professionals make a great first impression and seal the deal.

Here are some great tips on what you can do in your first meeting with a potential new client.

Networking Tip #3

An important strategy in generating leads, referrals and creating partnerships is providing value above and beyond what is expected of you. When you can blow a client away with strong, applicable advice that elevates their life, the client is much more likely to recommend you than if you performed an average job. Incredible value should be your business standard.

Additionally, during business meetings, an excellent method to learn who has fantastic connections is the “Who do you know game.” This can be used in large or small groups, where members of the meeting go around the room, and in under twenty seconds, rattle off the celebrities or business authorities that they either know or are connected with. Potential partnership candidates can be identified from this activity. When I started out, I wish I knew the value of a strong, short elevator pitch. It provides a snapshot into your business, and that one moment of attention you are given must be harnessed. A stellar elevator pitch helps you harness that moment.

– Michael Guberti, Teenager Entrepreneur

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