In the spirit of the holiday season, the Connequity team has asked industry experts across the country to share their most valuable business insights on how to both generate and cultivate leads. Check back throughout December for more tips on how to get active in the referral economy and develop strategic partnerships to grow your business.? With the New Year fast approaching, this is the perfect time to take a look at how you can refocus on your professional goals and get connected to the right people!

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?Networking Tip #1

We totally believe that the most successful business owners don’t do networking or go to networking events; instead they build a small network of strategic alliances that brings them business for years to come. Which would you rather have ? A one-time client who buys once directly from you, or a friend who never buys a thing from you but sends you clients for years to come? Networking is a treadmill that traps you and keeps you coming back for years to get one client at a time. But a true NETWORK of individuals forming long-lasting relationships allows you to stop networking and rely on those few who are sending you clients regularly.

– Krista Valentine, Chief Relationship Officer at the Crankset Group

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