There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about the potential of digital networking to aid in business development endeavors.? Professionals generally agree that they need three basic things for robust business development ? a place to showcase their talents, share their experience and easily access referrals.? Unfortunately, no such network has been able to achieve all three things.

The reason is this: no digital networking site or social platform has been successful in creating a self-sustaining ecosystem of business connections. It?s within business ecosystems that we find our most valued business partners, referrals and clients.

What is an ecosystem?

Loosely defined, a ?business ecosystem? is the result of a balanced self-sustaining interdependence of relationships between businesses professionals, whose prosperity and growth is reliant on the vitality of interactions within their economy. Let?s break it down:

??a balanced self-sustaining interdependence of relationships??

A business ecosystem should help professionals identify and participate in networks that correspond with their region, profession, criteria for clients, even business philosophy.? Connequity achieved this by creating an Intelligent Lead GeneratorTM that identifies and bridges needs with wants between vast interdependent networks of professionals. It quickly formulates a synergistic web of matches between business professionals that drives greater prosperity amongst them.

???prosperity and growth is reliant on the vitality of interactions.?

As in nature, the strength of the ecosystem relies on participants to maintain symbiotic relationships.? The health and prosperity of the business ecosystem is likewise a direct reflection of how interconnected users become.? In Connequity?s case ? the more users interact with one another by sorting and ranking contacts, accepting and rating matches and sharing information, the higher the relevance and quality of future matches become.? The stronger the match is, the more likely they are to result in profitable business growth.

??within an economy.?

Matchmaking is as much art as it is science and frustrated professionals often abandon business ecosystems before they have a chance to bear fruit because they are not in a reciprocally balanced environment (meaning they are referring and connecting, but others are not) or they have a tough time seeing how their efforts are paying off in influence within an ecosystem.? Connequity has solved this problem by creating an ?economy? of Match Points (Connequity currency) to reward active users in the ecosystem with more business referrals. Those with large amounts of Match Points become power users and influencers. This encourages activity and reciprocity within their ecosystem ? rate?someone, get a point; add connections, get points and so on. This rewards active participants in the ecosystem with points and professional credibility.

In essence, platforms such as Connequity that evolve digital networking beyond the capabilities of LinkedIn, make it possible for users to work less and achieve more in less time.? It is digital networking reimagined for the 21st century professional.? It isn?t magic.? It?s a self-sustaining balanced network of business relationships, reliant on reciprocal interactions within an economy. And the bonus is that the entire ecosystem is as close to you as your fingers are to your keyboard of choice.

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