SAN DIEGO ? Nov. 5, 2014 ? New business networking platform Connequity today announced the addition of product marketing and development expert Anthony Antonuccio as vice president of product marketing.

In this role, Antonuccio will work alongside Connequity?s Chief Executive Officer Scott Weinbrandt, a former Fortune 500 technology executive at industry giants Gateway and Dell who also has extensive entrepreneurial experience founding and operating start-ups. ?Antonuccio will lead product management efforts for the company, including go-to-market strategy and implementation.

?Anthony?s depth of experience with product development, customer segmentation, and market implementation in software technology make him the right fit to lead Connequity?s product marketing strategy during this period of rapid growth,? said Weinbrandt. ?His leadership in crafting our user experience and engagement strategies have already proven him invaluable to our development efforts.? His contributions have elevated our platform to a level that ensures Connequity will be a market leader in digital networking for business professionals.?

Prior to his work with Connequity, Antonuccio spent nearly 30 years as a business executive and technologist.? He has developed and led multiple startups through successful acquisitions, including Sytron, which was acquired by Rexon, Inc. for $14 million; Vivo Software, which transformed from a $4.2 million venture capital investment to an $18 million acquisition by Real Networks in less than four years; and Valent Software, which grew from a $760,000 investment to a $45 million acquisition by Lycos within 18 months.? For the last 10 years, Antonuccio has played a key role in the development and foundation of multiple companies including Novell, Interaction Networks, Sermo and Infinetics.

?Connequity does something no other site can ? it taps into the equity of your existing connections and the Connequity database to intelligently match you to warm leads ? creating an actionable ecosystem of new business opportunities,? said Antonuccio. ?I am excited to join Scott and the rest of our talented development team in this endeavor.? I have no doubt that the work we are doing will have a profound impact on digital networking to achieve business goals.?

Connequity remains on track to launch the full networking platform in select major markets later this fall.? The start-up is currently accepting new users who may sign-up for the service free of charge for a limited time.


Media Contact:

Samantha Peterson

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