5 Creative Email Subject Lines for Professional Networking


What’s the best way to target your prospect’s attention in the subject line? And not just get their attention but get them to open up your message!

Below are 5 creative subject lines to help you get your prospect’s attention.

Use them in emails and in messages for professional networking platforms and B2B communication.


1. Right Place, Right Time – Why now’s the time to work with you

“Just my luck! I’ve been looking for a new Wealth Planner for my clients! – Are you free for lunch?”

“New Business Opportunity for an Upcoming Project – Can we chat over coffee?”

When you have an opportunity or business deal that’s a limited time offer or need the recipient to act now, you want to tell them right away about a benefit you hold when they decide to do business with you today. Put some urgency in the subject line and communication and ask for a meeting. You can also put when the project starts, if applicable. If possible, be specific and about the ‘why’ of your business opportunity – help cut to the chase for busy professionals. Ultimately, you want to reinforce in your why now is the right time to join your professional network.

2. Mention a Mutually Beneficial Business Opportunity

“My Company’s Prospective Client Referrals and Your Company’s New Outreach Opportunity”

Make this subject line more personable by inserting your name or company before your service or product offering to the recipient, and insert their name or company before the desired service or opportunity you want from them. Highlight the most valuable asset of this potential deal for them to raise their interest. It’s vital to do some research about your prospect first to find out what their best value and need will be from you. Remember, professional networking requires your due diligence in research to effectively target and address the business needs of your prospects.

3. Mention a Mutual Contact or Industry, Location or Interest

“John Told Me About Your Growing Practice! – Are you free for coffee?”

“Targeted Hospitality Referral Partnership in San Diego”

Get on your recipient’s level and let them know that you both belong to a similar professional network of people or industry, location or have a shared business interest. Make this mention positive, short and sweet, and relevant to the subject of your inquiry. Add an invite to meet up for coffee or lunch, or a phone call in the subject line if appropriate. In many cases, your professional networking?communication strategy will rely on appealing to mutual interests and leveraging mutual contacts.

4. Ask for A Professional Opinion or a Question

“Could you tell me what you think? – New Client Investments”

“Your Professional Expertise – What’s Your Go-To Resource for (insert industry knowledge)?”

While this may be cumbersome since you’re itching to get to the wheeling and dealing, use this conversation as an interview opportunity to really get to know your prospect. Ask them a question or opinion about their professional work that’s pertinent to helping you better understand them before doing business with them. Effective professional networking should always involve being interested in your prospect’s working knowledge.

5. Personal Invite to Upcoming Event

“Personal RSVP to Wine and Cheese Soiree at My Company”

“Personal RSVP to Wine and Cheese Soiree at Hilton for My Company”

“Personal RSVP to Annual Berkshire Realty Gala at The Grant Hotel”

If your business hosts events, this is a great opportunity to reach out take professional networking to a fun, engaging, and desirable atmosphere for them to meet you. It’s also an opportunity to show off your company’s social culture. Use “My Company” or insert your company’s name depending on if you own the business or notoriety of your name or company’s reputation. Most likely your recipient will google you before responding so the name matters here. Depending on the nature of your event and the prospect, class up the description of the event or include the benefit. If the location of your event is at a premiere or popular venue, use the location in the subject line. Include in the message why you’ve picked them exclusively to join your event and, if applicable, invite them to bring a colleague, spouse, or friend, to make them feel more comfortable and welcome. Remember, this is an exclusive invitation directly from you so talk to them like a VIP.

Professional Networking Subject Line Takeaways

Research Your Recipient – Find what motivates your recipient’s business dealings. Look up their professional profile, relate to what they do and why they do it.

Be Genuine?- Don’t ask or mention a topic you have zero interest in hearing or talking about. People can tell whether you’re genuinely interested or not, and that could break your credibility as a professional. These lines are meant to be earnest and engaging, not lies nor even white lies.

Follow Up – If you don’t hear back from them within 1 week, follow up with a friendly reminder. Try using a different subject line but addressing the same topic, or try putting a sense of urgency in the email message to gain more attention.

Don’t Be Shy – You may only get this one shot so make it count. Make your professional communication personable, goal-driven, and ask for a meeting.


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